Things to Do When You Get an Out-Of-State Job

Sometimes to pursue great professional opportunities, you need to think outside of the box. This may include applying to positions you’ve never held before, that offer a lot of room for advancement, or are even in other states. In the case that you land an out-of-state job, there are a number of important things you need to do.

Research Your New Area

When you were applying for the position, you were probably focused mostly on the actual job itself and not the location. Now that you have the job, it is important to consider what your new life will be like based on the area you are moving to. Make sure to do some research about the area and surrounding neighborhoods. What will your daily commute be like? If you don’t have a car, what is public transportation like? Finding things that are important to you and greatly improve your quality of life (like a certain store, restaurant, or a gym) in your new area can help you assimilate better when you actually move there.  

Sell Your Home Quickly

Your new employer probably wants you to be on the job in-person as quickly as possible. With recent technological developments, you may be able to start some work remotely. However, there is a lot of value in understanding company culture, collaborating with coworkers, and attending work meetings in-person. Because of this, you need to sell your home quickly and move to the other state. One of the quickest ways to sell your home is to sell to a cash buyer such as Simply Sold. Cash buyers are willing to buy your house as-is without any renovations, meaning that you can have the money in full through a hassle-free process that takes less than a month.

Move Your Belongings

One of the best ways to make a new place feel like home is by moving your old things in. Depending on how much stuff you have, you want to plan accordingly to be able to move it all. Consider asking close friends to help you move or renting a large moving van to transport your belongings.

Picking up your life to move to another state can be disorienting and scary if you aren’t prepared. To dissuade these fears, prepare well for the move. Making sure things are accounted for both at your current residence and your new residence is essential for feeling more at peace with the move.

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The Value of Selling Your Home to a Cash Buyer

Have you ever wondered why traditional processes of selling a home are so long and difficult? With selling to a cash buyer instead, the process is much faster and simpler. Depending on your needs and situation, selling your home to a cash buyer may be the best option.

Moving Fast

One of the greatest benefits about selling your home to a cash buyer is that you can sell your home and move very quickly. Cash buyers are willing to buy your house as-is, so there is no need to spend extra time and money on any renovations. Additionally, once inspecting your home and doing some estimations, a cash buyer provides a cash offer for your home in a matter of weeks. With this process, there is no waiting around and navigating through months of back-and-forth negotiations with unsure buyers.  

Less Risk

When you sell your home to a cash buyer, you know you are getting the payment in full. There is no doubt that you will not receive payment or that the buyer will only be able to partially pay the amount offered. Furthermore, when a cash buyer provides an offer, you know that they are completely willing to follow through and want to buy your home. With traditional methods of selling, buyers can back out when you are extremely close to closing or try to buy for lower and lower. With selling to a cash buyer, you know exactly how much you are selling for and when you will receive the money in full. This makes selling to a cash buyer much less financially risky.  

Less Stress

Because the process of selling your home to a cash buyer is so fast and not very risky, it doesn’t create a lot of stress in your life. Usually when you are selling a home, it can be very stressful to be in a constant state of waiting on other people’s decisions. Additionally, the longer your home is on the traditional housing market, the more it depreciates. Potential buyers are wary of buying a home that has been on the market for so long because they fear it has hidden problems or is undesirable.

When you sell to a cash buyer, they assess the true value of your home and make an offer right away. Both you and the buyer get what you want in a matter of weeks. Selling to a cash buyer is extremely easy and will relieve a lot of stress in your life.

If you are feeling overwhelmed about selling your home, reach out to Simply Sold here to learn how to get cash fast for your home.

Selling Your Home Because of Problematic Tenants

Sometimes even after completing very thorough background checks, you may still be left with problematic tenants. Because renter’s and housing laws are so nuanced, it can be very difficult and messy to get problematic tenants evicted. However, letting them stay until the end of their lease can lead to huge financial loss on your side. When dealing with problematic tenants, you ideally want to minimize your losses and maximize your gain. One of the best ways to do this is by simply selling your home.

Cut Your Losses

Having to deal with problematic tenants is exhausting. This may take a physical, emotional, and financial toll on both you and your loved ones. Additionally, some tenants can even be violent or threatening, which jeopardizes your safety. If the toll that problematic tenants are having on your life are becoming too much to bear, take a step back and evaluate your options. Trying to get the tenants evicted can be an arduous, stressful task that might not even happen in the end. Are you willing to put in more effort to struggle with these tenants? Also, if you allow problematic tenants to stay in your home longer, they are more likely to inflict more permanent damage on the home, depreciating its value.

Talk to a Cash Buyer

If you decide that it is time to cut your losses with your home, talk to a cash buyer. Cash buyers are willing to pay for your home as-is, even with problematic tenants still living there. In a matter of weeks, you can receive an offer and hand over the house with all its problems to a cash buyer. Cash buyers are very trustworthy and just want a fair offer for both parties. When you sell to a cash buyer, they get a valuable property quickly and you get to eliminate tenant problems and any other stresses of owning that home.

Get Money for Your Home

Because cash buyers do not operate like regular home buyers, you can have cash for your home in a matter of weeks. The buyer will provide you with the money in full. This means that as soon as you receive the payment and turn the house over to them, you have a considerable sum of money and will stop losing any more money over your home.

When you have problematic tenants, sometimes it is not worth the trouble to get them out. Luckily, with selling to a cash buyer, there is much less hassle. Getting money for your home ensures that you still make a gain on it despite having tenant problems.   

To reduce the stress of problematic tenants in your life today, contact Simply Sold here to discuss selling your home for cash.

How to Save Money When Selling Your Home to a Cash Buyer

If you have heard of selling your home to a cash buyer, one thing that may be deterring you is that you can’t get as high of an offer as you could selling it a traditional way. However, did you know that selling your home to a cash buyer can actually save you a lot of money? With traditional methods of home-selling, there are a lot of hidden fees that can quickly eat away at a high offer. Opting to sell to a cash buyer is often a much better choice for getting the most money for what you are selling.

Eliminate Middlemen

When you sell to a cash buyer, you work directly with the buyer to complete all the negotiations. Because you are working directly with the buyer, there is no middleman like a realtor or other outside agent. Realtors and agents often take significant commission cuts out of the offer price in traditional selling and charge for various time and services. All of these extra charges can add up to a lot, meaning that the amount of money you actually receive for your home can be much lower than what you were originally offered. With selling to a cash buyer, there are no middlemen or hidden fees, so the price you agree on one-on-one with the buyer is exactly what you will receive for the house.  

Avoid Repairs

Another benefit to selling your home to a cash buyer is that you don’t need to complete any repairs before selling. Cash buyers are willing to buy houses as-is and very quickly. When selling traditionally, you can rack up expenses by completing costly repairs in order to make your home more marketable and competitive. These are repairs you won’t even enjoy while you are living in the home, so they cause very unnecessary expenses that waste your money.

Sell Quickly

Homes on the regular housing market can take long months or even years to sell. During that time, there are regular costs for keeping listings up, paying agents, and maintaining the home. Additionally, having a home on the market longer can cause depreciation. Selling for cash will ensure that you quickly get a fair amount for your home.

Selling your home to a cash buyer will always get you a fair price. On top of that, you save a lot of money by avoiding expensive pitfalls of traditional selling. If you value cost effectiveness in home selling, make sure to check out selling to a cash buyer.  

To find out how much you could take home for your house today, contact Simply Sold here.

The Value of Fast Cash: Why It’s Worth Your While to Sell to a Cash Buyer

Each avenue of selling your home on the real estate market offers various benefits worth considering in regards to your situation. Home buying companies, for example, can offer you (extremely) fast cash for your home, straight to your pocket. Why is this especially valuable?

Save on Fees

First and foremost, because of the nature of this process you save a substantial amount of money on the normal fees and expenses you would normally have to spend when selling your home. The costs of hiring a real estate agent, of listing your home, repairing damages, deep cleaning and staging, legal fees and financial advisement fees, and more quickly add up to thousands of dollars (even tens of thousands depending on the status of your home). With home buying companies’ streamlined process, all of those things are unnecessary. That means no fees. No extra expense. Consider that not only a huge time saver, but a part of the deal that you’re getting!

Boosts Funds Fast

With the full price of purchase going straight to your hands (or your bank account) immediately upon closing, this is another way to reliably boost your funds, fast. If your home selling or home buying situation requires a large amount of funding as quickly as possible, utilizing the cash value of your property is arguably the fastest and most basic access you have to fast funds. And because home buying companies consistently use cash offers, you can rely on them to not back out of their deal with you once you have accepted their offer like other independent persons or entities may do!

Lower Stress

Finally, consider the low stress of the cash sale process and timeline. This is a value that many would pay top dollar for in an average format of home sale—to take out the element of unknown factors, shaky financing, frustrating communication or negotiation or feeling like you’re wasting time. When you begin a deal with a home buying company, you can expect to be completely on top of your property sale from start to finish without the elements that normally make it so unappealing or stressful! You know exactly what to expect, and exactly what you’ll get out of it.

Find out more about how this process works at Simply Sold Real Estate, including other benefits you can take advantage of, and contact us today with any questions about the process itself, or inquiries about your property’s value!

How We Make Our Process So Fast

Your home is likely the biggest investment you own, and even more likely the biggest physical “object” you own. So, how can home buying companies claim to be able to sell that object-investment in such an impressively short time period?

Streamlined Evaluation

The most prominent characteristic of our process that allows for fast action is simplicity. Home buying companies don’t require the majority of tasks or steps that normal real estate avenues do, and the tasks they do require aren’t overly complicated or complex at all! The process uses minimal work for maximum results on both ends. The seller need only fill out a single questionnaire stating the straightforward, objective qualities of the home (size, location, age, etc.), which the home buying company uses to evaluate a fair price for the property. No real estate agents are needed to spend time consulting, no repairs are necessary for evaluation, no staging or scheduled walkthroughs are required for the home buyer to determine their offer! It’s a streamlined process that cuts out a majority of normally required time (and money!)

Professionals on Retainer

Each of the few steps that are involved in a home buying company’s purchase are overseen by professionals that know how to get their tasks done as quickly as possible. Their experience and/or training have prepared them to act fast—they are assertive and will use their (and of course your) time efficiently! This benefits all parties: the more time they have to work on other sales, the more properties they accumulate. Any legal counsel or financial advisors are directly employed or kept on retainer so there is no extra time spent tracking down that help you can trust.

Cash Offers

Finally, the fastest part of all—the purchase of the property. Because home buying companies deal solely in cash (via check or transferred directly to your bank,) no strenuous mortgage deals are involved. No negotiations over interest rates, or back and forth communications between the seller, buyer, and banks. Cash sales are a one time purchase that allows the seller to move on with funds in their pocket, immediately upon closing. And, what’s even better, that closing can happen in as little as seven days post-evaluation! Only one week from inquiry to complete sale!

Simply Sold Real Estate is one such home buying company that can get you this one-week turnaround process. Learn more about us and our process on our website. 

It’s Legit! Why You Can Trust Home Buying Companies

Is selling your home through a home buying company the best option for you? Many have found it a convenient and reliable way to sell their property, but some sellers may find it especially helpful (or even necessary). Here are a few scenarios in which selling to a home buying company, like Reliable Home Buyers, is most helpful.

Where does their money come from?

Home buying companies are like permanent fixtures in the real estate world. They buy properties to sell them—as they accumulate homes, they are able to renovate and repair them in whatever ways necessary and then sell them or rent them out for a profit. This influx of high income means they have an impressive amount of capital to work with! It’s for this reason that they can offer cash, (the most reliable of payments!), in full, for your property.

How is their process reliable?

Because of the simplicity of their sale process, you can feel in control of your home and its sale. Each step from start to finish requires very little from you, but ensures that you will be kept completely in the know in regards to your property’s status and the details of the deal. Plus, unlike independent buyers who likely have little experience in buying a home, these companies have vast experience in getting through the necessary processing quickly and efficiently. Relying on their expertise can give you a similar timeline: quick, and efficient.

What are people saying about home buying companies?

Customers are raving about their experience with home buying companies like Reliable Home Buyers. The ease of sale, the expedited timeline, and the comfort and confidence they feel with Reliable Home Buyers professionals are enough to merit their five-star reviews. Some also acknowledge that because of the damages to their home, they were concerned about selling under the timeline they had and finances they had access to, but selling to a home buying company removed that concern entirely! Many are agreeing: their experiences with home buying companies are positive enough to make it worth any seller’s consideration.

Want to know more about the process and benefits of selling to a home buying company like Reliable Home Buyers? Explore our website for details on our process, and our promises to you. And while you’re there, check out testimonials of our past clients to confirm that we follow through on those promises! 

Selling for Cash: What It Means and How It Works

If you’re frustrated by the seemingly endless aspects of real estate maneuvering, it may be time to consider alternate routes to the average real estate experience. Rather than waiting for time consuming legalities and financial checkpoints, consider selling your property to a home buying company that can give you cash for your home.

What does it mean to sell for cash?

Do you really get a stack of bills in your hand in exchange for the keys to your home? Not quite—but close. The buyer pays upfront for the home instead of navigating mortgages. The money goes straight to you, the seller—no additional fees for real estate agents, legal services, closing costs or commissions, insurance, nothing. The process is very straightforward and takes less time than normal real estate deals.

How does this process work?

With Simply Sold RE, for example, you as the seller request an evaluation of your property (which you provide a description of using our forms) and we extend a fair offer based on the information you give, within 24 hours of your inquiry. This deal remains entirely between the buyer and seller—no third parties are necessary other than the lawyers that will draw up the agreed-upon contract. Home buyers are essentially an investment company that builds capital with the properties they own, rent and sell, meaning they are a reliable buyer-party that you can trust to stick to the deal, and not back out or leave you high and dry! The money for your home can be delivered to you through check, or it can be directly deposited into your bank account. (Much simpler and less dramatic than a pile of paper bills!)

What else should you consider?

Cash offers are much firmer than regular real estate market buyers. Because of the many benefits of home buyers, negotiations are significantly more difficult to handle. Sellers that are on a time crunch to get their home sold, or whose homes are damaged and in need of major repair, or who have poor financial records, can all benefit from this extremely easy, no-questions-asked means of home sale. If you fall into any of these categories, selling for cash may be your best option!

Our team of professionals at Simply Sold RE are trained to help you understand your home sale situation, and provide you with reliable guidance on whether or not selling for cash is the move for you. Contact us today to find out more about the cash-sale process.  

Sell Without Prep! How to Sell Your Home As It Stands

Don’t have time (or energy, or motivation, or funding, or any of the things that come with staging and selling your home) to prepare your property for viewing? Believe it or not, you may not need to at all! Through the right avenues, you can sell your home as is, and even in a matter of weeks.

List “As-Is”

Listing your home “as is” is an option! Your realtor can help you understand the opportunity costs of refraining from repairs or heavy staging and plan accordingly for little things that can help make your home present well. Without damages repaired, your home’s value decreases significantly, for the repair costs as well as the incompletion of the property. Buyers can still ask to see the entire house, but they will be viewing with the understanding that they would be taking the property as it stands with no changes in design and no “improvements”.

No Inspections

It is possible to sell your home without having to show its state at all. If you choose to do this, your market process is more likely to be long and require a lot of patience, because buyers feel most confident in a property they can see and experience first-hand before committing to. By removing this opportunity, their purchase is entirely “faith based” which is a rarer situation to find. An “as-is” listing will depend largely on the location of the home and any additional special benefits that the home offers.

Home Buyers

The easiest way to sell your home as is? Sell it to a home buyer business like Simply Sold RE. Home buyers will offer you a fair cash price in no time; they buy properties with the intent of renovating it for resale profit, so your lack of repairs just gives home buyers a more “bare-bone” option they can be creative with. Simply Sold’s process is fast and easy: simply request a quote, wait 24 hours for the evaluation and offer, and accept! You can have cash for your home, in your bank within a couple weeks of your initial inquiry.

Many people have benefitted from Simply Sold’s fast processing and “no questions asked” policy. If that sounds like a real estate story you want, contact us today to start your free evaluation and let yourself stop worrying about the stress of frustrating home preparations.

Selling Problems: What Can Throw a Wrench in the Selling Process?

Selling your home is a frustrating enough process without random stressors from your life throwing a new complication into the mix. Unfortunately, those complications are largely unavoidable and may come up at inconvenient (or stressful) times! Here are a few examples of things that may make selling your home more difficult, and what you can do to push through them.


Whether before, during, or after the packing and preparing process, damages may occur to your home that do not look good to buyers. The damage may set your timeline back as repairs are made, or it may make staging and tours a painful process that hinders the true vision of the home’s potential. If your home has sustained any bumps or bruises at any point, it helps to have a contracted repair person in mind or on hand so that you can get the help you need, ASAP!

Financial Disasters

Finances are always a touchy and nerve-wracking aspect of home buying and selling. On either end, making sure the buyers have sufficient funds and the sellers get sufficient funds is stressful and not always straightforward. If your buyer’s loan falls through and you have already committed to a down payment on a new home, that can throw your entire transaction for a loop. It may also be the case that your financial history isn’t as impressive as you’d like them to be. Missed payments or liens or back taxes can mar your records and make putting your home on the market more difficult to maneuver.

Be prepared for financial strains by setting aside a safety net (or investing in seller’s insurance) for potential disasters, such as damages or timing issues or buyer drop outs.


If your home is in probate, its care and responsibility is largely in the hands of the courts in charge of the case. This means you have less control over the sale of your home. Reviewing your property’s case may take time that you don’t have, or can exacerbate the stress of selling your home as you grapple with your hold on its profit. Therefore, before your home-selling process has even begun, establish a will or living trust that designates the control of the property management and sale to a trusted and involved individual, so you can avoid the struggle of probate altogether if at all possible!

Thankfully, there is an easy solution to all these “wrenches” in the selling process: sell directly to a home buying company like Simply Sold RE! We take your home as-is, fast, for cash—regardless of damages, financial histories, and on a timeline that can beat probate struggles. Find out if Simply Sold can help you in your area!