How Working with a Cash Buyer is a Win-Win

When it comes to real estate market options, agents and agencies alike will try to entice you into their business with promises of special access and effective sales strategies. The simplest solution, however, is home buying companies like Simply Sold RE—no one else comes close to their fast timeline, lack of extra expense, and ease of sale! Here’s how business with a home buyer is a win-win for you and them, making the relationship one you can feel confident in.

Quick Timeline

No other process is as fast and efficient as Simply Sold’s. We start with your inquiry: you tell us about your property, and we use that information to establish a fair price, which we then turn around into an offer within 24 hours of receiving. After that, it’s up to you to accept or deny our offer… if you accept, you can have cash for your property directly in your hands or in your bank account on the day of closing, as little as three weeks from your original inquiry! Our process requires no staging or walkthroughs of your home, and no lengthy negotiations or legal processes. Clear, quick, and a great way to save time while making the money you need.

No Extra Charges

Because our process is so minimal, it requires basically none of the normal fees and expenses required for real estate services. There is no realtor to pay commission to, no repairs required before selling, no staging costs or evaluation fees or service payments. We even cover closing costs for you! These, plus the lack of need for sellers insurance (in case of flaky buyers, which we are not!) mean the money you’re saving adds up fast.

Easy Money Straight to You

All that money you would normally have to devote to real estate service costs stays with you. You will save thousands on these expenses, allowing you to keep that money in your pockets to fund your next step, whatever it may be. Additionally, the offers we make you truly are cash (or check, rather) offers. The money can be deposited directly to your bank account as soon (or as delayed) as you want it! Sellers often stress and struggle over the reliability of their sellers… we can make a promise that our offers are solid, just like our relationship with you will be.

Explore more information on benefits we provide our clients—like you, we hope!—and decide if our business is the right one for you!



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