When selling your home, you want as much of the money you make to stay in your pocket. However, commission, fees, and extra charges for real estate services can drain your profit faster and more substantially than is ideal. Here are a few ways you can reduce those draining costs from your home selling experience by using Simply Sold RE!

Commission and Service

When you hire a real estate agent to guide you through the selling process, you commit to cutting them a percentage of the selling price of your home. This is called a commission. Average commissions cost around 5 or 6% of the house sale, which means that right off the bat you commit to giving up thousands of dollars of your sale, just to get your foot in the door of the housing market. The services real estate agents provide may also cost you—anything from home inspection to staging and photographing your property is beneficial for attracting potential buyers, but quickly rack up expenses that go through your realtor.

Simply Sold RE takes the “commission and fees” aspect of Real Estate out of realtors’ hands and into yours because there are no realtors. This middle man is unnecessary and therefore completely cut out! You’ll save thousands by making your home selling transaction an independent one.


Real estate insurance is another aspect of home selling that you should consider. Home seller protection or home seller insurance is a wise safety net for sellers, as it ensures coverage for conveyance fees in case the sale falls through. With Simply Sold RE, your property is evaluated and offered for and paid for by a company that you can rely on for a firm and sure sale, eliminating the need for insurance protection.

Closing (and other extra) Costs

Finally, closing costs and all the extra little fees that come with it are the final pull from the potential profit from your property. This is when all the little things that are involved with the property sale come to the surface: HOA fees, transfer tax, escrow, and closing fees, lawyer fees (if applicable), title insurance, etc… these things take a huge chunk out of your pocket and can be a stressful process of things to juggle and take care of. At Simply Sold, on the other hand, we pay all closing costs. Your job is to simply list your property, review our offers, and accept our cash payment. It’s that easy!

Escape the pile of expenses that come with normal real estate processing and feel confident that Simply Sold will treat you fairly and provide the simplest way to cash for your home. Curious about how it works? Explore our pages today!

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