Your home is likely the biggest investment you own, and even more likely the biggest physical “object” you own. So, how can home buying companies claim to be able to sell that object-investment in such an impressively short time period?

Streamlined Evaluation

The most prominent characteristic of our process that allows for fast action is simplicity. Home buying companies don’t require the majority of tasks or steps that normal real estate avenues do, and the tasks they do require aren’t overly complicated or complex at all! The process uses minimal work for maximum results on both ends. The seller need only fill out a single questionnaire stating the straightforward, objective qualities of the home (size, location, age, etc.), which the home buying company uses to evaluate a fair price for the property. No real estate agents are needed to spend time consulting, no repairs are necessary for evaluation, no staging or scheduled walkthroughs are required for the home buyer to determine their offer! It’s a streamlined process that cuts out a majority of normally required time (and money!)

Professionals on Retainer

Each of the few steps that are involved in a home buying company’s purchase are overseen by professionals that know how to get their tasks done as quickly as possible. Their experience and/or training have prepared them to act fast—they are assertive and will use their (and of course your) time efficiently! This benefits all parties: the more time they have to work on other sales, the more properties they accumulate. Any legal counsel or financial advisors are directly employed or kept on retainer so there is no extra time spent tracking down that help you can trust.

Cash Offers

Finally, the fastest part of all—the purchase of the property. Because home buying companies deal solely in cash (via check or transferred directly to your bank,) no strenuous mortgage deals are involved. No negotiations over interest rates, or back and forth communications between the seller, buyer, and banks. Cash sales are a one time purchase that allows the seller to move on with funds in their pocket, immediately upon closing. And, what’s even better, that closing can happen in as little as seven days post-evaluation! Only one week from inquiry to complete sale!

Simply Sold Real Estate is one such home buying company that can get you this one-week turnaround process. Learn more about us and our process on our website. If you’re in New Rochelle and looking to sell your home quickly, rest assured, we buy houses in New Rochelle and can expedite the selling process for you.

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