If you’ve heard about the benefits of selling with Simply Sold RE, you may believe it is a deal that is too good to be true. How exactly can we pull off such a quick sale, for cash, and offer the cost cuts we do? Our process is tried and true and has helped many access and achieve the deals they need! Here’s how we do it.

Home Evaluation

We start as soon as you do! Your job is to fill out our basic form, or give us a call and provide your property information. (This process does not commit you to doing business with us, it is simply the way we provide you with information on what business we could do!) We evaluate the property as-is—no need for staging or showings, we view the property for its potential. This is one of the incredible benefits of selling to our company: we buy houses for any reason, in any condition. Many sellers struggle because of things largely out of their control, such as fire, water, pest damage, or difficulties with tenants. With us, you can feel confident that you are receiving a fair and valuable offer without waiting around.

Home Offer

Based on the property’s current condition and location, and any repairs necessary, we assign a fair value to your property. There is no need to link through a real estate agent, or to go through the long arduous process of listings and negotiations… within 24 hours we will have evaluated your property and prepared an offer for your consideration! Our offer is indeed a “cash offer”—the attorneys overseeing our contract processing will create and provide for you a check with the money, or will directly wire the money to your account. This transaction occurs on your timeline, within your control.

Home Sale

Once our offer is accepted, you can choose the closing date for your property. This allows you time to pack up and prepare your accommodations or get whatever you need in order for your next step, rather than suddenly and immediately needing to evacuate the premise for new owners. This entire process, start to finish—from inquiry to evaluation to offer to sale—can take as little as three weeks.

We take pride in our process for its straightforwardness and transparency. Interested in taking the first step? Contact us today to get that evaluation going!

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