Don’t have time (or energy, or motivation, or funding, or any of the things that come with staging and selling your home) to prepare your property for viewing? Believe it or not, you may not need to at all! Through the right avenues, you can sell your home as is, and even in a matter of weeks.

List “As-Is”

Listing your home “as is” is an option! Your realtor can help you understand the opportunity costs of refraining from repairs or heavy staging and plan accordingly for little things that can help make your home present well. Without damages repaired, your home’s value decreases significantly, for the repair costs as well as the incompletion of the property. Buyers can still ask to see the entire house, but they will be viewing with the understanding that they would be taking the property as it stands with no changes in design and no “improvements”.

No Inspections

It is possible to sell your home without having to show its state at all. If you choose to do this, your market process is more likely to be long and require a lot of patience, because buyers feel most confident in a property they can see and experience first-hand before committing to. By removing this opportunity, their purchase is entirely “faith based” which is a rarer situation to find. An “as-is” listing will depend largely on the location of the home and any additional special benefits that the home offers.

Home Buyers

The easiest way to sell your home as is? Sell it to a home buyer business like Simply Sold RE. Home buyers will offer you a fair cash price in no time; they buy properties with the intent of renovating it for resale profit, so your lack of repairs just gives home buyers a more “bare-bone” option they can be creative with. Simply Sold’s process is fast and easy: simply request a quote, wait 24 hours for the evaluation and offer, and accept! You can have cash for your home, in your bank within a couple weeks of your initial inquiry.

Many people have benefitted from Simply Sold’s fast processing and “no questions asked” policy. If that sounds like a real estate story you want, contact us today to start your free evaluation and let yourself stop worrying about the stress of frustrating home preparations.

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