If you’re frustrated by the seemingly endless aspects of real estate maneuvering, it may be time to consider alternate routes to the average real estate experience. Rather than waiting for time consuming legalities and financial checkpoints, consider selling your property to a home buying company that can give you cash for your home.

What does it mean to sell for cash?

Do you really get a stack of bills in your hand in exchange for the keys to your home? Not quite—but close. The buyer pays upfront for the home instead of navigating mortgages. The money goes straight to you, the seller—no additional fees for real estate agents, legal services, closing costs or commissions, insurance, nothing. The process is very straightforward and takes less time than normal real estate deals.

How does this process work?

With Simply Sold RE, for example, you as the seller request an evaluation of your property (which you provide a description of using our forms) and we extend a fair offer based on the information you give, within 24 hours of your inquiry. This deal remains entirely between the buyer and seller—no third parties are necessary other than the lawyers that will draw up the agreed-upon contract. Home buyers are essentially an investment company that builds capital with the properties they own, rent and sell, meaning they are a reliable buyer-party that you can trust to stick to the deal, and not back out or leave you high and dry! The money for your home can be delivered to you through check, or it can be directly deposited into your bank account. (Much simpler and less dramatic than a pile of paper bills!)

What else should you consider?

Cash offers are much firmer than regular real estate market buyers. Because of the many benefits of home buyers, negotiations are significantly more difficult to handle. Sellers that are on a time crunch to get their home sold, or whose homes are damaged and in need of major repair, or who have poor financial records, can all benefit from this extremely easy, no-questions-asked means of home sale. If you fall into any of these categories, selling for cash may be your best option!

Our team of professionals at Simply Sold RE are trained to help you understand your home sale situation, and provide you with reliable guidance on whether or not selling for cash is the move for you. Contact us today to find out more about the cash-sale process.  

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