Selling your home is a frustrating enough process without random stressors from your life throwing a new complication into the mix. Unfortunately, those complications are largely unavoidable and may come up at inconvenient (or stressful) times! Here are a few examples of things that may make selling your home more difficult, and what you can do to push through them.


Whether before, during, or after the packing and preparing process, damages may occur to your home that do not look good to buyers. The damage may set your timeline back as repairs are made, or it may make staging and tours a painful process that hinders the true vision of the home’s potential. If your home has sustained any bumps or bruises at any point, it helps to have a contracted repair person in mind or on hand so that you can get the help you need, ASAP!

Financial Disasters

Finances are always a touchy and nerve-wracking aspect of home buying and selling. On either end, making sure the buyers have sufficient funds and the sellers get sufficient funds is stressful and not always straightforward. If your buyer’s loan falls through and you have already committed to a down payment on a new home, that can throw your entire transaction for a loop. It may also be the case that your financial history isn’t as impressive as you’d like them to be. Missed payments or liens or back taxes can mar your records and make putting your home on the market more difficult to maneuver.

Be prepared for financial strains by setting aside a safety net (or investing in seller’s insurance) for potential disasters, such as damages or timing issues or buyer drop outs.


If your home is in probate, its care and responsibility is largely in the hands of the courts in charge of the case. This means you have less control over the sale of your home. Reviewing your property’s case may take time that you don’t have, or can exacerbate the stress of selling your home as you grapple with your hold on its profit. Therefore, before your home-selling process has even begun, establish a will or living trust that designates the control of the property management and sale to a trusted and involved individual, so you can avoid the struggle of probate altogether if at all possible!

Thankfully, there is an easy solution to all these “wrenches” in the selling process: sell directly to a home buying company like Simply Sold RE! We take your home as-is, fast, for cash—regardless of damages, financial histories, and on a timeline that can beat probate struggles. Find out if Simply Sold can help you in your area!

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