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We buy houses in Florida and New York. Get cash for your house fast! Call 866-408-4952 now to get a free quote on how much we can pay you for your property.

Our team is experienced in the real estate business and we buy houses with cash- meaning we can close quickly and also provide you with superior service. We pay top dollar for homes that we purchase, giving home owners what they deserve when they’re in need of fast money for their property. When we say we buy houses, we mean it! Simply Sold Re takes pride in our customer satisfaction- we know that you worked hard for your place and we will treat you like family while we work to find cash buyers promptly so that you get the best house sale deal possible. This includes both buying distressed properties as well as non-distressed properties. We also provide homes, we buy services in New York and we can close fast.

We buy houses in Florida and we also know that it can be tough to sell your house in any area, even when the market is good.

Sometimes people just need some extra help or they run into unexpected problems with their property so we are here to assist you through this time. So if you’re looking to sell your home quickly- we can help. We buy houses in New York and we make the process simple!

So whatever kind of a property you have, we can help! There’s no reason to wait around thinking about what ifs, we want you to get a move on because we buy houses fast ! Get a fair cash offer from us today for your home by calling 866-408-4952 for a free quote. We are available to buyers in all the local areas we serve, including New York and Florida.

You can find our listings on this site- we have a variety of homes we buy options in different conditions and we want you to be able to find just what you’re looking for! We also provide properties we buy services in NY. Sometimes life throws us curve balls, but when it comes to selling your house fast , we are here to help! Simply Sold Re is here whenever you need us.

We buy houses in New York no matter the size or type so if it’s got issues or not there’s nothing we can’t do!

With over ten years of experience serving individuals like yourself we know that dealing with unwanted property is rough work- we buy houses in New York however we can help! What we like to do is set up an appointment where we can get all the details we need about your home and we’ll make you a fair offer on it.

From there we can move forward with the process of closing- this means that we will complete any inspections needed, like for example if it’s sometimes required by banks, and after we’ve gotten all the results back we’ll give you the payment amount. Once you agree to our price then we will write up the deed to transfer ownership over to us. You can also sell your house fast without using real estate agents or other middle men which saves you thousands of dollars. Plus when we buy homes, even ones in bad condition , we pay all closing costs.

So we buy houses in New York, which means we give you cash for your property fast.

We can meet you on short notice to look at your property within a day or two, we close quickly and we pay closing costs! Stop messing around with real estate agents that take months to sell your house, we will make you an offer in writing in under 30 minutes and we close quickly so you don’t have to worry about living in limbo if you need to relocate for work or move in with family because of a death!

If we like what we see we accept and move forward. You sign our purchase agreement we email you and we set up a date for closing! Sell your house fast today by contacting at 866-408-4952!

A little bit about us: we buy homes all over the Yorktown Heights area and we do it fast.

We know that circumstances can get difficult at times, we truly understand this and we want to help take the load off of you- we will pay what it takes to get your home sold quickly so that you’re not stressed out anymore than necessary. This is why we offer FREE house selling services- it’s our way of giving back to our customers because we appreciate their loyalty. If you need money now then find out how much we’ll pay by calling us today at 866-408-4952 !

When we buy houses in Florida , we are prepared no matter what kind of condition your property is in! Many other companies we know might make you feel like your options are limited or they won’t be able to help you at all- we buy houses in Florida , we can handle it! We’ve been in the business a long time and we understand how frustrating it can be when there is a property that needs fixed up before we can purchase it.

That’s why we buy houses fast in Florida even if it needs work! We offer cash for homes with any problems. We can make you an offer on your house right now so we are ready to move forward when you are- we don’t waste time and we want to give you the help you need as soon as we can because we know how stressful situations like this can be.

So whether or not you’ve been having issues with your property such as a foreclosure, divorce, death of a loved one, bankruptcy, job loss or anything else we buy houses in Florida ! There is absolutely no reason for you to wait around and let your situation continue to get worse just contact us today at 866-408-4952 . Get up to $40,000 for your property fast when we buy houses in New York and we can do the same for you in Florida.

We do everything we can to make sure that we give individuals like yourself an easy option for selling their unwanted house. We buy houses near me , we will pay off your mortgage if you have one, we also by-pass real estate agents so that we can work directly with you which provides the quickest way possible for transactions to be finalized. It’s likely that we might even be able to close on your house within days of contacting us! If you need money now then find out how much we’ll pay by calling us today at 866-408-4952 .

The process doesn’t get any easier! We are happy to let you know we buy houses in Florida , we also work with individuals in New York.

When we buy houses fast we offer cash for them! We buy any house, in any condition, anywhere. So whether it’s a home that’s been abandoned or vandalized we can help you! Getting rid of an undesirable property may be your biggest wish at the time- we’re here to make that happen for you along with helping out with other related situations.

This is why we buy homes even if they have bad credit, no matter what the situation is we pay what it takes to get it done so don’t wait around anymore when there are companies like us who are ready to give you money! Don’t go through the process of trying to list your home and wait around for potential buyers to buy homes in Florida! We will give you a fair offer and we can close quickly- we want to take the load off of you we’re here to help.

There’s no reason to even talk with any other company when we are offering such great deals! When we buy houses we pay all closing costs, we buy homes in foreclosure , we don’t charge anything for our services, there is absolutely nothing hidden- we make it easy for everybody involved. So find out how much cash we can offer you by calling us today at 866-408-4952. Get up to $40,000 for your property fast when we buy houses in New York.


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