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If you are thinking of selling your home, call 866-408-4952 to find out how we can help make the process easy and quick!

When we buy homes we do not discriminate based on location or condition. We will come and make you a fair cash offer, we close fast and we pay all closing costs! Give us a call today at 866-408-4952 to discuss your Yorktown Heights home’s value with one of our certified professionals!

We buy houses in Port Jervis, NY and we can help you through the whole process of selling your property. If you want to cash out of buying or selling a home, we are here to help. is a website that specializes in quickly purchasing homes for cash so we would love the opportunity to do business with you! Call us at 866-408-4952 or fill out our easy online form today!

With the housing market continuing to recover throughout most of the nation, we continue to see an increase in people calling us wanting to sell their house fast; we also always hear from homeowners who are wondering if they should sell now or wait another year or two before putting their house on the market. What we really hear most often is people wanting to sell their home without spending more money on the sale than necessary, so we do our best to make the process as affordable as we can. If you are wondering if we buy houses or know someone else that does, we want to share what we can with you regarding where you can find a good deal for your house.

When it comes down to things like this, there are almost always reasons why someone would prefer to sell their house quickly instead of putting some more time into it before selling it; maybe they need money fast , maybe they want to avoid foreclosure , maybe they don’t feel like taking care of the property anymore after owning it for a long time. There are many reasons we can think of that we would want to sell our house as soon as we could and we want to be the ones helping you do this.

We buy houses in Port Jervis NY and we know we can help anyone looking to sell their property fast for a fair price; we even offer different options if you need money now but don’t want to make any drastic changes with your home. If you plan on selling your property yourself, we can still help by giving you some advice along the way; we pay cash for homes in Port Jervis whether or not we have to do any work on them, so we will go over what we need from you and how much we will pay before we take the property we plan to purchase off the market.

We buy houses in Port Jervis NY and we can do this for you! We will make a fair offer for your house and we will help guide you through the process of selling it quickly (it’s as simple as filling out our form or calling us at 866-408-4952, we never pressure anyone into making any decisions they don’t want to make). Please take some time to read through all we have shared with you so far and we also want to share a few other options we offer here: we buy houses , we buy houses fast and we even pay cash for houses.

If we haven’t talked before now, we hope we get the chance today; please call us at 866-408-4952 or fill out our quick and easy form we have made just for receiving offers on houses we can buy!

Do you want to learn how to sell your house quickly, the simple way? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about our process:

We do not charge any fees to look at a property- no listing fees, no due diligence/appraisal fees and no commissions! We keep all our offers fair and completely transparent throughout the whole process. You will have an opportunity to review our offer before it goes on the market so you know we are putting in the right price for your home. We buy houses with our own cash, we do not need or require financing (which can be a lengthy and stressful process) because we know we can make all offers competitively with what we have available in cash at any given time!

Selling a house quickly can be difficult without proper representation; we help make selling your neighborhood property fast and easy by letting you handle the entire process yourself- we work on an as-is basis so there is no waiting around to get someone to come out and look at your house before we even give you an offer. Start accepting offers whenever you want, there is no closing date with us!

After we agree on terms, sign paperwork and complete inspections, we will give you a call to let you know we are ready to close. We work with your schedule so we can always fit closing into your day that works best for you- we can meet at our office or we can always do it over the phone/fax/email if that is more convenient!

We’ve heard some questions about selling houses for cash before; here are some answers to frequently asked questions we have received about selling your house cash in Port Jervis:

We are not real estate investors, we are home buyers. We work with people who need to sell their homes fast in Port Jervis and we offer cash for houses- we buy properties without the added stress of dealing with bank financing or third party terms. If you want to sell your house quickly, we can help! We pay fair market price for your property in cash at closing so you don’t have to worry about any commissions or fees that come with accepting offers on your property from other potential buyers/agents.

Selling a house quickly is easier when you know the right questions to ask; we Buy Houses For Cash Port Jervis NY so we will be more than happy to answer any questions we can for you. We buy houses directly and we always work with the owner of the property so we can make sure we are getting everything we need to know about your house that we would be responsible for after closing is complete!

It works just like selling a house without our help; we will handle everything from inspections to paperwork and we’ll either meet at our office or come out and visit you wherever it is most convenient. Click Here To Fill Out Our Sell Your House Form Or Call Us At 866-408-4952 If You Have Any Questions About Selling A Property In Port Jervis For Cash Today!


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