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Yonkers, New York

Letting Go of Your Yonkers, New York Property? Let Us Handle It!

Do you need to find buyers for your Yonkers, New York home now? Is it bothering you that there’s no news for so long? Is the sale of your house delaying you from moving on?

Worry no more because we are here to buy your house! We are open to buying New York houses by offering you the best deals available.

  • We buy homes in any type of condition.
  • We let you know when we will buy the house plus the exact amount you’ll receive.
  • You don’t have to worry about repairs, realtors, or cleaning.
  • We will shoulder everything for you while all you need to do is get paid.

It’s a done deal when you choose to work with us!

We Only Offer the Best for Your New York Home!

We recognize the tranquil life at Yonkers, New York. This is why we are confident about buying your property.

  • Yonkers is well-known as the home to many cultural treasures.
  • Yonkers is the best place for commuting professionals.
  • Yonkers has easy access to the metro-north trains.
  • Yonkers also offers the best value for the housing money you pay.

We can offer you amazing deals for your New York home. We know how much value your home holds and we are willing to negotiate with you for that. We will focus on your property and assess it right into the smallest details.

We are here to take your mind off the stress!

We’re the People to Trust When it Comes to Buying Homes

We will give you offers that benefit you. We buy houses in any condition and you don’t have to worry about spending money on anything else. We will not charge you even for the assessment of your home.

The best part about this is we will not pressure you to accept offers. The decision is up to you and you can always state your terms.

Selling Your Yonkers, New York Property Becomes Easier

Not everyone has the time to wait for a perfect buyer. Sometimes it can take more months and it will be a big problem for you. Sometimes there are even buyers that don’t deliver with their promise to buy your house.

We will never let you down!

Once we commit to buying a property, we take action.

We pay with cash out that goes straight to you.

We Understand How the Real Estate Market Works

When we buy new york houses, we prepare for it. We make the assessments and we study how the market works. We do all this to plan the best deals to offer you. We are the game changers when it comes to real estate. You now have more options apart from the traditional way.

What we promise is quick action and deals suited for you. We want to help you lessen your expenses when you’re selling your home. You no longer have to go through the stress of waiting and looking for possible buyers to no end.

Give us a call or send an email for any inquiries. We will always respond and we’ll help you with any questions you have about our process. Get a free offer if you buy houses for cash.


Why Choose Simply Sold?

  • Zero Fees to Sell Your House

  • Highest Off-Market Price

  • Sell As-Is. No Cleanup. No Repairs.

  • Close In As Little As 7 Days

  • No Closing Costs

Why Choose Us?

The Advantages of Dealing With Simply Sold

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