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Simply Sold vs. Others

Ten Reasons To Choose Simply Sold

Ten Reasons To Choose Simply Sold

Many prospective Simply Sold customers inquire about the difference between Simply Sold and working with an independent real estate investor to sell their house.

With us:

1. We pride ourselves on giving fast property evaluations to our customers. After our property analysis, we will determine if you qualify for anyone of our programs (sometimes in just over an hour after the evaluation). If you qualify for our cash out program a contract will be drawn up for Simply Sold to buy your property.

2. We pay normal closing costs. There are no real estate commissions that you have to pay. With traditional investors, commissions and other closing cost expenses can total more than 10 percent of the final sales price.

3. You pick the closing date! We can usually close 3-4 weeks after contracts are signed if needed, or we can close when it’s convenient for you! With other investors, you really don’t know how soon they will close, if ever.

4. We are hassle-free. If you accept our offer, you no longer will have customers walking through your house at all hours. We will answer all your questions and do our best to make selling your house a hassle free experience.

5. No repairs, we buy as-is. Why waste money making costly repairs or upgrades to sell your house? You don’t have to find a qualified contractor to make repairs, we buy as-is. When selling retail, repairs are almost always necessary both before listing your property and even after you get an offer to buy it. If you don’t make the repairs, you may need to give the buyer a repair allowance. None of this is the case with Simply Sold.

6. Property filled with decades of old belongings? No problem, avoid the thousand of dollars in fees to clean out your house. At Simply Sold you can take what ever belonging you need and leave anything you wish behind. We will clean out the house for you!

7. We’ll make you a fair offer with no uncertainties, and we’ll pay cash. With other investors, most time the price you ask for your house is not the price you will get.

8. We care. We have improved the quality of many neighborhoods. We take pride in rehabbing houses to exceed community standards and to provide homes for families who rent or buy.

9. We are the Northeast’s #1 homebuyer, we are a trusted leader in professional homebuying.

10. Our reputation is important. Our customers tell our quick, trustworthy, hassle free story each day.

No Obligation, Hassle Free Cash Offer On Your House Within 24 Hours

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