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10 Reasons People Choose Simply Sold RE

We help people find solutions to complicated issues such as figuring out their first home sale. We likely understand the position you are in, and have experience navigating the ins and outs of these issues. Let us help.

Excessive Repairs / House in Poor Condition

We can take on all needed repairs for you. And with rising inflation and economic instability more and more people are unable to keep up with the rising maintenance costs of owning a home. With Simply Sold RE, you don't have to lift a finger if you decide to sell your home.

Foreclosure / Behind on Payments

Situations can take place that are fully out of our control. A simple hospital visit can lead to bankruptcy or months' worth of missed house payments. With our financial services, we can help you avoid foreclosure or financial penalties. The sooner you let us know the easier it is for us to intervene.

Probate / Inheriting a Home

The sudden passing of a family member, or loved one, can leave most confused and stressed while dealing with unresolved property problems. We understand and do our best to navigate the situation in a respectful manner while helping sellers deal with the legality and financial processes involved with losing someone close.

Bad Tenants / Refusing to Vacate

Do you have a rental occupied with tenants who either refuse to leave or are occupying the property legally? Simply Sold RE will purchase the property and, either, work to come to a win-win agreement with the tenant in order to remove them or come to an understanding by keeping them as a tenant.

Divorce / Relocation

Both of these issues involve people wanting to move on from the home as quick and hassle-free as possible. This is what we do best. We can take the home off your hands in a very short period of time, pay you in cash and keep you happy while you deal with the stress of other aspects going on in your life.

Tax Liens

My Grandfather liked to say that he paid for his house half a dozen times over again because of property taxes. If you are on a fixed income or stuck in a crippling financial obligation those taxes and fees can pile up and seem impossible to overcome. Simply Sold RE will take the time to go through your situation, offer help, and buy your home fast to get you out from under.

Lifestyle Change / Retirement

Whether you have retired and want to travel or you are in the middle of a mid-life crisis and want to burn it all down (metaphorically . . do not literally burn your house down.) and start over again, we have you covered. By working with us, you can sell your home fast and get help if you have problems with your home sale. Reach out to us and we will buy your house quickly and without a hassle.

Quick Cash

While selling your home isn't a decision you should make impulsively or without careful thought, sometimes it can be a quick solution to money issues that are all too common these days. Simply Sold RE can close quickly and in cash, without taking fees, which can save you thousands.


Our process and what we do wouldn't work without us valuing the relationships we make with those that want to sell their homes. We understand you may not be coming to us under ideal conditions, but I assure you, you will always be met with respect and handled with dignity.

It Just Makes Sense

We offer a quick and easy CASH solution for your home sale, with zero fees or hidden charges, without having to invest in repairs or going through the inconvenience of showings and strangers walking through your home.

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What People Say About Us

Emilia Clarke
Tina & Joseph Nardi, Rye Brook, NY
"Our experience started with a simple post card we received in the mail that basically said we purchase your home “as is” - We called and we were not disappointed! Hard today to find companies that deliver on their promises without experiencing “kinks” as you proceed in the process - Working with the Simply Sold Re team was seamless."
Emilia Clarke
Susan Weekes, Bridgeport, CT
"My experience working with Simply Sold Re has been great! The team and I kept in touch, and all of our questions were answered in a timely fashion. I was impressed how the company did everything that they said they would do. I would absolutely recommend their service to a friend."
"Simply Sold Re was so fantastic!."
Emilia Clarke
Pauline Rockett-Dietz, Tarrytown, NY
"I sold my Tarrytown house through Simply Sold Re and was very glad that I did, they were super easy and pleasant to deal with. The knowledgeable and professional staff were quick to respond to any questions and concerns that I had which resulted in a trouble-free closing. I highly recommend the company and would not hesitate to use their services again should the need arise."
Larry Johnston, Newburgh, NY
"It was fast and simple - the team were so easy to work with - I would highly recommend them!."
Christina Pucillo, Eastchester, NY
"I want to let you know how amazing Nicole is. She has made the process as easy as she could. This was very hard since I haven’t lived in the house for 5 years, my ex was living there. And did nothing to help with it. I don’t want to bother you with all the problems that came with selling this house but Nicole basically talked me off a ledge more than a few times. I feel I made a new friend! Again thank you !!!"
Brian Harrison, Yonkers, NY
"Everyone I dealt with at Simply Sold Re was courteous, helpful and accommodating."
Chandra Stys, Middletown, NY
"We had a great experience helping our father sell his home to Simply Sold Re. The team helped manage the entire transition and he made this run very smoothly."